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Signature Dish:

Yorkshire Puddings

Yorkshire Puddings
About the dish ...

Host: "Now, Paul and Mary would like you to make Yorkshire puddings. 24 of them. These Yorkshire puddings have got to be identical. The batter can be flavoured any which way you like. And the Yorkshire puddings need a savory filling.

Prue Leith: "We're looking for top grade Yorkshire pudding. Well risen, they should come up, turning in a bit at the top and then a lovely dip to take a filling. To get Yorkshire puddings all identical, it's very tricky. Once it's in the oven, it's in the lap of the gods."

Paul Hollywood: "The rising in a Yorkshire pudding comes from the egg. You can add ingredients to it, but the more things you add to the mixture, the denser it gets, and the denser it gets, the harder it is to rise. Notoriously fickle to perfect. We've all got a different family recipe for Yorkshire puddings, and our bakers are no exception."

Time Allowed

2 hours

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