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The Great British Baking Show ™



Signature Dish:

Make a traybake

Make a traybake
About the dish ...

The hosts told us "The bakers can use any type of sponge, and any flavor, but it must be able to be cut into 16 identical slices."

Prue Leith: "A traybake, as the name implies, is baked in a tray. Traditionally, these are the good old reliable sponge cakes with a white icing on top, but I would like to see something completely new - something I've never seen before. "

Paul Hollywood: "You've got to bite into it. A little bit of crunch on the top is nice but you want to find a beautiful sponge, packed with flavour. The bakers must get that flavor across to us in every bite. Time management is critical - if they mess up with time, they're in whole world of trouble."

Time Allowed

2 hours

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