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The Great British Baking Show ™



Signature Dish:

Vegan Savory Tartlets

Vegan Savory Tartlets
About the dish ...

Host: "Okay, so for your vegan signature challenge, the judges would like you to make eight savoury tartlets with two different fillings. So you need four tartlets with one filling and four with a different one. Your tarts must be made with your own variation of a vegan friendly shortcrust pastry that the judges would never realize were vegan."

"We set this challenge basically because it's difficult. Traditionally, you would use butter, you would use eggs to create a beautifully short pastry. But that isn't an option here. So this is really going to challenge the bakers to create flavors, to create textures."

"The most important thing is that these bakers deliver on flavour, and we know they can all do that. Can they do it vegan style?"

Time Allowed

2 hours

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