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The Great British Baking Show ™



Signature Dish:

Decorated Pavlova

Decorated Pavlova
About the dish ...

Host: "Now, for your signature challenge, the judges would love you to make a beautifully decorated pavlova. Your pavlova can be any flavour you like, but should be perfectly baked with a crisp outer shell and have a soft, pillowy center."

Prue Leith: "What we're looking for in a pavlova is a crispy exterior and a little chewy marshmallow texture inside, and filled with whatever they wish. To get the texture right, you need to bake it for an hour, turn the oven off and leave it cooling for as long as possible.'

Paul Hollywood: "The hard part of this is getting the bake right in the meringue. They could crack, they could bead, melt, allow water to come out or indeed collapse. The middle is always the most difficult. The bottom needs to be firm enough to support the fillings without becoming squishy. It's a pretty tricky challenge."

Time Allowed

2 hours 45 minutes

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