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Signature Dish:

German Biscuits

German Biscuits
About the dish ...

host: "It is German week, and for your signature challenge the judges would love you to make two batches of twelve German biscuits. Your two batches should be exquisitely finished and dipped, coated or decorated."

You have 2 hours 15 minutes. On your marks and get cert backen. Right, let's go. Doing 24 biscuits in just over 2 hours is quite difficult. I don't really know what I'm doing. I'm just kind of baking a biscuit that I think is relatively german, but we'll see. I think one of the really important things about german biscuits is that they're usually produced for Christmas, so people take a lot of trouble about the decoration. So they are intricately iced. What we want are two different types of biscuit. One with butter shortbread type biscuits, which are very crumbly, and then one with ground almonds that create a macaron style of biscuit which is crispy on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside. I wouldn't like them to step too far away from the original. They might change the flavour, they might change the icing, but they should still be recognizable as german biscuits.

Time Allowed

2 hours 15 minutes

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