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My food blog

These are posts, all about food and cooking. Occasionally they will be recipes, but usually they are more about cookery challenges and the fun to be had in the kitchen. There is an awful lot of chemistry involved in cooking, and since I spend far more than half my waking hours experimenting with food, I'd like to share some of what I know. 

For example, I am currently working on blog posts about

  • A comparison of olive oils on the market. I want to test, and then share with you, if and when it is worth selling a kidney in order to buy the finest, oldest, most virginal oil on the market. (Can something be 'most virginal'? Isn't that like being 'most married' or 'most Scottish'?)

  • A review of the differences between gochujang, gochugaru and aleppo pepper. I'll be cooking a couple of recipes (most likely these will be patatas bravas ... and a spicy dip) and using the different chili preparations, then inviting friends to a blind tasting to compare and contrast the differences. I'll write up what I find.. 

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